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♥ Handbook & Rules ♥


- If you want your product to leave you alone, simply telling him/her to should do the trick. Typically you can get your product to do whatever you wish unless you've purchased one of the more stubborn or dominant models.
- Your perfect lover is very much a product and not a real human being. Regardless of that, you may be shocked when you feel his/her heartbeat. Silo scientists have added artificial hearts to each product, making them more life-like. They can be warm or cold depending on the weather, etc. And they are fragile; they will bleed if cut and bruise if hit. Their blood, however, is white and they heal much quicker than humans. 
- If your product malfunctions, please contact us. 

Product Law - Always listen to your owner. 

Community Rules

1. Korean Entertainment only.
2. 3 muses per mun. No more than one per band.
3. No cross claiming journals. Aim screen names can be used at more than one community, but we encourage you to make a new one. Each muse must have a separate screen name.
4. This is a AIM and LJ-based community. AIM is mandatory and LJ logs are not.
5. You must post to your journal at least once a month to keep active. If we notice you’ve been inactive (not posting in your journal or signing onto aim), we’ll automatically cut you from the community.
6. No godmodding or metagaming. That being said, owners do have slight authority over their products. Keep that in mind, but doesn’t abuse it.
7. No out out character drama. In character drama is welcome.
8. Try to keep your grammar, spelling, and syntax amazing and correct.
9. If you don’t think you can be active, don’t bother joining.
10. Hiatuses up to two weeks must be posted on the OOC community as well as drops. 
11. No killing of muses allowed.
12. For questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact silo_rep. The mods will not be making a screen name or revealing themselves.
13. Please read Useful Information and Setting before you claim a muse.
14. And keep in mind that managing a community is a lot of work so please be patient with the mod. 
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