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♥ Useful Information ♥

How does this process work exactly?

A few days after purchasing your product online, a large package will be shipped to your address. Inside this package contains a handbook and your model you have chosen to purchase. Do not be frightened when he or she comes out of the packaging. Just greet them with a kiss to get them up and running and have some clothes lying around. They'll be naked when you first receive them.

Here’s some out of character information that may be useful.

Not all products have to malfunction. They don't even ever have to realize that they're human. That being said, we've added a section in the application for Personality and True Personality. What we mean by 'True Personality' is the personality that they really have, what they would have had if the scientists had never tampered with them. Their true personality could be nearly the same as their new personality all depending on your preference. One thing that won't malfunction is their appearance. They won't ever age appearance-wise.

Band names directly correlate to the series name of the product. For example, Mblaq is the series and Joon is the name of the product. In the case of Super Junior and One Day, those names are the series and Suju-M and 2PM/2AM are sub-series. If that doesn’t make any sense, don’t worry, it’s not too important.

You might wonder how the matching process goes. The moderators aren’t going to match any two people up at all. No, we’re here to give you the setting, update the claims list, and occasionally host events for all consumers and products to meet and mingle amongst each other. Aside from that, you won’t be seeing us much unless it’s extremely important.

Anyways, on to the matching process. You do that on your own time. Go ahead and talk out of character to a consumer or a product (depending on which your muse is) and ask each other. If that scares you, don’t worry. Everyone will be doing it and even if your offer gets rejected, just remember you’re most likely not the only person out there who got rejected. There are plenty of good-looking/beautiful fish in the Korean sea~

Please note that most roleplaying will be done between consumers and their ‘lovers’ and consumers and other consumers. That being said, products may interact with others, given that their owners have given them the okay. Products may also ‘cheat,’ but note that products who do that will be considered defective. If you plan to do this, please make sure the mun of your muse’s owner is aware of it. Otherwise drama will occur out of character and no one likes that.

If you want, go ahead and advertise for who you want and if no one takes the initiative, the mods will advertise for you (the first time around). Also, in the beginning, there obviously won’t be too many consumer/products around. Don’t feel obliged to pair up right away. Go ahead and wait for the person you want and hope that he or she will come.

We strongly encourage all consumers to get to know each other and plot so that all of your muses (including products) can interact and form relationships and friendships. Products are human! They can form relationships, but at the same time, if their owner/lover doesn't want them to form a certain relationship with a certain someone, they shouldn't. But they're humans so....

We'll leave that open ended for you

* Also, products' memories were wiped out once they arrived to Silo labs. Scientists tampered with them right away which ended up causing the products to not be able to distinguish the differences of being a robot and being a human. They feel emotions, but they don't understand those emotions. And because they have no idea what happened to them before they were taken to the lab, they just believe they're extremely technologically advanced robots with human-like qualities. Again, they don't question those human-like qualities, because the only other 'humans' they've interacted with are scientists, whom they formed no real relationships with.

Scientists tried extremely hard for numerous years to wipe out products' abilities to feel emotion, but learned that was nearly impossible. Instead of dwelling any longer on something that they just couldn't manage, they decided to use it to their advantage. 'Robots' with emotions could truly make their owners happy. So instead of ridding products of their ability to feel emotions (which they couldn't do anyways), they just tampered with their personalities so much that scientists could predict exactly what the products' next move would be. Their goal was to make the products so predictable that it was almost as if they were being controlled.

Products went through numerous amounts of operations and tests. They lived in single rooms (similar to dorms, except far more confined), but they did have opportunities to interact with other products. Products got no privacy, cameras and two way mirrors at every corner, and were constantly watched by diligent scientists. Interactions between products were allowed because scientists needed to see how they interacted with others and make sure they 'fixed' them well enough so that their every move would be predictable and expected.

Once they were bought and before they were shipped off to their new owners, their memories were once again wiped out.

So yes, plotting with other products is completely fine. Just realize that they won't remember their relationships at first. Products also had relationships with people before they arrived to Silo labs. Don't think that just because your muse is a product, he/she can't ever interact with another product or a different owner. Two products can even have a past relationship that they both completely forget.

If any of you have anymore questions, feel free to ask!.
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